Celebrity Gossip: Bono Breaks Up with Bono

Dublin, Ireland-Aging “rocker” and activist Bono is rumored to have ended his long standing relationship with himself.  According to some close associates, including one band member, Bono has ended his 24 year long love affair with himself. Fans of Bono and U2 were stunned and some were so shocked they stopped posting about U2 for 10 god-damn seconds on Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking off the record, one long time member of U2’s management team stated that she was surprised when she heard. She stated, “Bono was a bit of a loner when the band first started.  He dated some groupies but nothing serious. No one could love him the way he needed. Then, he realized the love he needed was right there with him the whole time.” She later said she thought that Bono and Bono were one of few couples in ‘rock n’ roll’ truly in love. Another associate of Bono commented that celebrity relationships are notoriously short and “Bono should be happy that it lasted 24 years.” One fan stated between Facebook posts about U2, “If Bono can’t love himself, what chance does anyone have at finding true love.”
The rumors were almost confirmed when Larry Mullen stated in a band interview, “Things were getting rocky between them and …” But Bono interrupted him by asking if they could stop everything and talk about Africa for just a second.  Bono then made everyone feel bad about having enough food to eat today and charged everyone $120.00 plus fees for tickets to his next concert.

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