World Peace Declared After Mind Blowing Local Stand Up Performance

Pasadena, CA-An unprecedented display of benevolence and humanitarianism has exploded onto the world scene. Leaders from every major power (even some from those countries you can’t pronounce) have convened in Pasadena, California to sign a peace treaty that will end every major conflict on the globe today. The cause of this unprecedented show of brotherhood was traced to a simple gathering of likeminded individuals last Thursday night at The Ice House Comedy Club. What started as a simple comedy showcase hosted by veteran comedian Julie Sandoval, soon electrified the audience with a power house of local talent. The showcase featured comics Luke Turalitsch, Bruce McKinnon, Tania Bering, Michael Sabbatino, John Gerald, Kevin Bayley, and Evan Copage. The performer’s jocularity coated all in attendance with a sticky

Presidential Medal of Freedom nominee and stand up comedian Bruce McKinnon.

Presidential Medal of Freedom nominee and stand up comedian Bruce McKinnon.

emotional layer of good cheer and love. As they left the show that night, the feelings spread from the attendees to nearby neighborhoods like a free flowing plague of happiness. Neighbors were no longer strangers; enemies became friends, and prison door opened as an outpouring of goodwill overtook resident’s common sense. Over the weekend, this force had spread across the US and began appearing internationally.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, then called for an emergency United Nations conference to address the global issues involved when citizens in the global community are no longer “dicks.” He said, “Soldiers have laid down their guns, terrorists have laid down their explosive vests, and Bono from U2 has finally stopped talking about starving people in Africa from his mansion in Ireland. It is time we, as world leaders, respond to the calls of our constituents…or eliminate them so we can keep making money from war. Either way, I don’t really care.”

The comedians who performed last Thursday have all been nominated for a Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Peace prize. Some will also be performing at The Weekly Ice House Sunday Comedy Variety Show in September.

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