Netflix to Resurrect Family Matters with Original Cast

familymatters2Hollywood, CA-What ever happened to Steve Urkel? Did he ever get that kiss he longed for from Laura Winslow? Did Carl ever get that promotion in his precinct? Would Larry and Balki ever join the show in a very special 1 hour Perfect Strangers/Family Matters crossover? Fortunately for long time Family Matters fans these burning questions and more will soon be answered. With the Emmy nominated success of new Arrested Development episodes, Netflix announced that it will be reuniting the original cast of Family Matters for an exclusive 13 episode season. Family Matter began airing in 1989 as a spin off to the ABC hit Perfect Strangers but to the pain and sorrow of diehard fans was canceled in 1998 due to dwindling ratings.

Reed Hastings, the Netflix Co-Founder, spoke about the challenges of bringing together the original cast, “Most of the actors were excited to reprise their roles in the long forgotten show. The last to join was Jaleel White who played the ubiquitous Urkel. He adamantly refused to come aboard and accused the original show of ruining his career. So, I took him to the highest point in Los Angeles and showed him all the kingdoms of Hollywood. I told him that if he did just one season for me, I could offer him all the benefits of true stardom. Then he agreed” Thus, Steve Urkel was born again.

When asked who would be reprising the motherly role of Harriette Winslow, Jo Marie Payton or mid series replacement Judyann Elder, Hastings said, “I can’t give anything away but both actresses have agreed to be a part of the new series.” He then hinted at a running gag of the actresses switching places mid scene.

The Netflix Original Series will begin filming this fall and is set to be released in the summer of 2014 on the streaming network.

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