Zombie Tired of Brains for Dinner Again

Post-Apocalyptic Cedar City, UT-Police were called to investigate a noise complaint and possible domestic disturbance to the Sweinholdt residence on Tuesday. As officers Brink and Thohansen arrived, they found the couple viciously locked in verbal combat on the front lawn. The remains of Bobby Sweinholdt posthumously reanimated by inhaled fungal spores, was furiously grunting and gurgling at his wife Lily. The officers separated the couple amid a growing crowd of neighbors and roaming undead.

Zombie Tired of Brains for Dinner AgainOfficer Brink told reporters that the dispute arose over dinner but escalated as the undead Bobby Sweinholdt broke free from the chains that locked him to his bedroom floor. Bobby’s remains then physically assaulted his wife. She ran outside to avoid a potentially fatal bite from her zombified husband. Mrs. Sweinholdt stood her ground when her husband’s decaying corpse became entangled on the chain link fence of their front yard.

Neighbor, Effron Ericsen, witnessed the incident, “I heard a scream and I saw Lily run out of the house. She stumbled on the porch steps and fell to the ground. She must have twisted her ankle because Lily started slowly dragging herself across the lawn crying for help. That’s when I called the police.” Ericsen then said he witnessed her husband shuffle out of the house moaning with his arms raised. Mrs. Sweinholdt barely made it out of their front gate before kicking the gate closed with her uninjured foot. She then began yelling at her long dead husband. She shouted “I worked hard all day. The leftover cat brain is all we have. I’m too tired to hunt fresh mammalian brain for dinner. Besides, what have you done all day? A whole lotta nothing.” Mr. Sweinholdt’s only response was repeated grunting and moaning from deep within a rapidly decaying chest cavity.

Once the couple was separated, police had to shoot Sweinhold’s mortal coil six times just to calm him down. Animal control was called in and successfully coaxed the zombie back to his room with a fresh stray puppy. Lily Sweinholdt then thanked the officers but refused to press charges. Officer Brink admitted, “I was relieved because it’s difficult to prosecute someone who by all laws, both natural and legal, is dead. There is just so much more paperwork and we rarely go to trial. But we got the undead guy secured and told Mrs. Sweinholdt to buy some thicker chains to ensure her dead husband stays put.”

Heterosexuals Take to the Streets to Protest Marriage

Washington, D.C.-Angry heterosexuals arrived in force today in a unique turn of events on the marriage debate. Gregor Justbud head of the National Alliance to Kill Egalitarian Domestic Unions or NAKED-U spoke to a large crowed of mostly men in unhappy relationships: “We all face pressures, social, familial, and economic to pursue marriage. We are here today to say not any more.  We heteros deserve the same right to avoid marriage as do our gay brethren.” His statements received a resounding grumble from the tens of individuals in attendance. Justbud continued, “When my girlfriend asks me if I ever want to get married, its unfair that I have to have that uncomfortable conversation where I talk about how I feel. I have to avoid telling her that I am just biding my time until someone better comes along. No one should have to do that, not in my America. My gay friend Gary, he doesn’t have to talk about these things with his significant other Ronnie. Why? Because they get to live in a state where their marriage is illegal. That is discrimination and we will not stand for it.” The crowed responded with a few claps. Some stoners cheered near the back of the audience but they were confused by a mix up with a medicinal marijuana legalization rally nearby.
The movement is not without detractors as Gregor’s long term girlfriend Anitas el Naranja stood in the sidelines looking perturbed. She later stated, “I can’t believe Greg turned his refusal to talk about our relationship and his feeling into a political movement.” She was last seen walking away from the protest and hailing a taxi cab. While NAKED-U has not released any numbers on membership, the official spokesman said that their membership is growing. When pressed for plans the organization had for the future, the spokesman cut off the interview and stated, “We are not committed to anything and now is not the time to talk about the future. I need to go get a beer with my buddy but we can talk later, honey. I promise.”

Inexplicable Boner Makes Awkward Situation More Awkward

arapahoe cropArapahoe, CO – Arapahoe High School freshmen and friendless loner, Justin Wedgewood suffered another humiliating social defeat in the boys locker room last Tuesday. Already nervous and unsure of himself, Justin navigated the confusing corridors and head-butting jocks of his school to find himself in 3rd period PE. As the bells rang, Justin dressed in his standard gold on gold Arapahoe Ravenhawkes school jersey. Then, he headed out to line up in front of Coach Negroponte and his assistant Jarvis. The coach recalls, “Justin is not what I would call an athletic type. He seemed more elbows than anything and I felt sorry for him. So I thought a healthy game of dodge ball would be just what he needed to beat the nerd out of him.” After 20 minutes of pummeling from every conceivable direction, the coach decided Justin had enough and sent him to the showers.

In the showers, Justin felt what he described as an “unbeatable hard-on.” He tried to think of baseball but never understood the mechanics. Next, he tried football but ended living through the most awkward 15 minutes of his life. His saluting soldier was immediately noticed by his fellow classmates while in line waiting for a towel. “The guys lead singer was just out there for all to see,” said Assistant Coach Jarvis. Apparently his tent pole could not be concealed by the standard issue Arapahoe High School towel. Justin could not explain why his member had shifted from Florida to Eastern Seaboard mode in the boy’s locker room.

“Except for a bumpy car ride, little-big Justin usually behaves. I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about it. This horrible, embarrassing, awkward.” said Justin in a tear filled interview with the Arapaho high school newspaper reporter Kristen.
While most just laughed at the angry penguin, many of the boys in the locker room were visibly confused and awkward.

Coach Negroponte later stated, “I never took the boy for being mo. I mean, nerdy? Sure. But I did not ever think of him as a sexy, sexy gay. Hmmmm. “ Negroponte then mumbled something about squats and walked away.

Justin has not been seen in class since the incident, but no one noticed.

Facebook User Unaware Friends Only ‘Liking’ Posts Ironically

Liberal, KS – Wednesday morning, twenty-eight-year-old Angelace Marristein posted another nonsensical comment on her Facebook page. The comment said “OMG…I JUST SAWd [Deleted due to local obscenity laws]” and it caused several users to ‘unfriend’ her. Immediately afterward, she posted a photograph of herself in the bathroom of the local Fuddrucker’s imitating a constipated mallard. Each of these posts received close to 50 ‘likes’ and several encouraging comments. Unknown to Angelace, all but two of the ‘likes’ were added ironically by former acquiescence, coworkers, and classmates.


Constipated mallard seeks creative outlet through social media.

“Oh, I love her posts,” said Elizabeth Fingerburger, “I kinda feel bad encouraging her. It’s like I’m picking on a mentally challenged kid, but I can help myself.” Fingerburger was a former classmate with her at Liberal Unified High School. She continued, “I do get tired of the pictures of falling rain or sunsets with nonsensical comic sans script promoting some vague idea of ‘girl power’ or ‘getting over a breakup.’ But usually, what she posts is unintentional comedic gold.”

Recently ‘unfriended’ corn oil futures investor, Colin MacGrisel, spoke candidly about her activity. “At first I was commenting on everything she posted. I encouraged her to post more of her ‘wisdom’ and shenanigans. But I got bored with it. Plus, they blocked the Facebook at work. I didn’t have time to comment. Then, she posted something offensive about immigrant chicken farmers poor driving skills and I had to block her. I didn’t want to be affiliated with a bigot.”

While the popularity of her comments has waned in the last year, Angelace has continued her attack on common sense, the English language, and the caps lock key. Some users attribute the downward slope of popularity to the novelty of broadcast ignorance losing its charm. Other say that the unfortunate death her former elementary English school teacher Steven J. Elderjist caused some to turn away. Rumors persist that one of Angelace’s posts was so grammatically incorrect, it may have caused him to hang himself. He was found suspended above his desk with the words “everything i have ever done is a lie” written on the chalkboard. The computer on his desk had an open window displaying Angelace Marristein’s timeline. His death is still under investigation. Angelace’s only comment on his death was, “LOL WHUT?” with a link to a newspaper article about the incident.

For more information on Angelace Marristein, suicide, corn oil futures or immigrant chicken farmers, do a Google search.

Local Woman Spends Hours on Pinterest

The Internet, The Internet–In an effort to numb herself to the harsh realities of suburban meaninglessness, a local woman admits to spending hours daily on image link sharing site Pinterest. Filderjay Salanfork admits to spending most of her day ‘pinning’ clothes she will never fit in and foods that keep her from fitting in said clothes. Pinterest, oft described as ‘internet for girls,’ is a social networking site where women can ‘pin’ crap that they can’t afford and foods no one should ever eat and share these findings with other, probably overweight, users. “Oh that’s a good uuugh.” Salanfork says as she clicks her mouse to add a seven layer cake-pie of various fruits, chocolates and cream frosting. Pinterest is designed to be use solely with a mouse as most users find computer keyboard keys to be too small for their well endowed fingers. Salanfork does recognized she may have a problem and says, “Sometimes I want to stop but it is just so addic…oh skinny galactic wash jeans with an elastic waistband. Sooooo, cute!”
Emaciated models reinforce negati..oh you don’t really care!

Self proclaimed Pinterest behavioral expert and part time homeless man Steve Banilitfoto stated, “By using photographic and redundant visual cues, the site can build addictive behaviors in women much like  pornographic web sites do in men. The genius is in the sites multi-column design that caters to the non linear and emotional thinking of a female brain. So uh, do you have any spare change?” While MentalDuctTape spares change for no one, Banilitfoto did have a point, and further time was spent researching phonographic internet portals. No conclusive information was gleaned from this research.

While mindless hours can be wasted away scrolling through any website on the internet. Pinterest specializes in providing page after page of pictures of cake, anorexic wedding dresses, and sunsets with poorly pasted pseudo-inspiring Helga font text. This has proven a problem for stay at home mom, Salanfork. Six year old Kateluuh Salanfork said, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, MOM!” Kateluuh received only monosyllabic ooh’s or huh’s to comfort her cries.
Pinterest is a privately-held, venture-backed social media internet site with no financial, emotional, legal or homosexual ties with MentalDuctTape.

Ugly Woman Ugly on the Inside Too

Corona, CA – In an affront to the cliche about book covers, local resident Mayry Hyman is not just a normal ugly person. Ms. Hyman has been deemed by most people she befriends, meets, talks, or has any type of interaction with, as a terrible person on the inside as well. While most people walking past Mayry only see her large protruding forehead, asymmetric eyes, gummy smile, and Dorito Tan, others who have had the pleasure of talking to her, will find that she is a raciest, sexist, foul mouthed, whore. Calvin McJohnston, a local bag boy at the Luck 7 Gold Happy mini-supermarket, describes her as “a miserable walking trash heap of emotionally and physically abusive human waste.” McJohnston continued, “when I first saw her I thought she might be nice since she gummed a smile at me from underneath her gigantic cro-magnon skull. While physically repulsive she seemed like she might be a kindhearted mutant of some sort.” McJohnston declined to discuss the interaction further except to say it involved him ‘crying, being smeared, hopefully, just in fecal matter, and some psychiatric treatments.’

Ms. Hyman declined to comment on her condition, but did shout out several racially offensive terms while applying another layer of spray-on-tan.

90 Percent of Local Man’s Conversation is Old Movie Quotes

Chicago, IL-In his soft shuffle to the ever widening aperture of madness, Roddy McDoubter, pulls from his encyclopedic knowledge of old films to communicate in social situations. While attending the ‘Flash Mixer’ at the Greater Chicago Rotary Club, McDoubter was seen conversing almost entirely with movie quotes. As he approached a loose collection of likeminded individuals, an anonymous member of the group asked him “How’s it going today?” McDoubter retorted with “I’m the king of the world” to the wet slickness of much eye rolling.  Un-phased acquaintance Marabella Ronches asked “How is your Mom? Is she still in the hospital?” The response was not well received as McDoubter spoke in a poor cockney accent “Don’t bury me, I’m not dead yet!” An uncomfortable and possibly psychotic laugh followed.
A psychiatrist and eavesdropping ‘Flash Mixer’ attendee commented that he had never seen such behavior but likened the condition to a classic social fallback. “Roddy may be using horribly clichéd movie lines as some may use humor in a defense mechanism, but Roddy isn’t funny or entertaining. It’s kinda just sad.”  The unnamed psychiatrist then grimaced as he heard McDoubter exclaim “You had me at hello.” McDoubter’s face looked as if he as just eaten a sour candy or lemon.
Marabella Ronches stated later, after excusing herself from the group McDoubder had parasitically attached, “When I first met McDoubter I thought he was just a big movie buff.  Now that I think about it, he may have had a stroke or aneurysm that, like, deleted all his conversational ability.”
One close friend to McDoubter said “I asked him about the way he talked, and I told him he should see a doctor because what if he had a condition or something.”  The friend looked around and an emotional moistness betrayed his visage. “He said ‘It’s not a tuma, It’s not a tuma at all’ in this, like, horrible Austrian accent. I mean, if he is gonna’ quote something does it have to be Kindergarten Cop.”

Aging Bar Patron Finally has Internet Thing Figured Out

Stukukie, NY–Amongst the dirty bars tools and sticky countertops of the Hanging Wagon Saloon, a lone aging man sits smoking Marlboro Reds. He has the knowing smile that comes with an epiphany of the, possibly, life changing sort. “I told you Ace,” he calls out the the bartender polishing short tumblers and staring blankly at the wall. “I told you I’d figure it out. This whole damn Internet thing. It is like a phone but not. It does more, but you can’t talk on it.” He takes another sip from his Jim Beam, neat. “You see I used to think it was like the game ‘telephone’ we used to play. You tell someone something and then they say it and then someone else.” he grumbles, coughs and then takes another scorching drag and slowly puffs smoke out his nose in blue curls and let’s it linger.
“I told you, You can’t smoke here Rustin.” the bartender comments unchanging his blank facial stare. Rustin Fingerburger has become known as the first self-proclaimed senior citizen in the tri-state area that can effectively describe the purpose of the Internet. Joe, Joe, and Bob, other Hanging Wagon patrons, are all staring in Rustin’s direction slack jawed with respect. “Well, tell us what it really is, please!” said one of the Joes.
“If you take a telephone and plug it into a computer” Rustin continues ” then add a high voltage fiber optic to it you get computer that talk.”
“Woah,” said Bob “you mean the computers talk?”
“Not like you or I but, yes. And they talk to each other in pictures of your grandkids from your shiftless son.” he again touts two puffs of grey blue smoke from his nose. “Ace, you got a few years under us, can you confirm what ole Fingerburger is saying?” The other Joe says.
“Porn.” Ace mumbles.
” “
“He said what!”
“The Internet is for porn” Ace said sighing and continuing the blank stare.”And you gotta put the cigarette out.”
” “
“No, you can use it for that, but is much more.” replied Fingerburger.
“No it’s not. Just porn.” Ace stands still rubbing the glasses not moving or showing any signs of other action. Then Ace says, “How are you even still alive?”
The four aging men grumble to themselves and Pencilpointy finally crushes the cigarette into the sticky bar. With those condemning words, Fingerburger soon gives up, absorbs more of his Jim Beam, and declines and further discussions of the matter.

Obsessive Compulsive Garbage Man Finally Finishes First Route

Yerington, NV-After a harrowing three years as a sanitation worker, Randey Salanfork finally finished his first full route. The route, comprising of 50 homes and apartment complex trash receptacles, is usually completed in a matter of hours but, due to Salanfork’s condition, it took considerably longer. Diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in his early twenties he has had little control over his need to obsessively clean and wash his hands and anything he felt may be ‘tainted’. “I am burdened with my ticks…(1,2,3…wooh)…that make life more difficult but, I wouldn’t call it a disability…(1,2,3…wooh).” Salanfork said.
Salanfork was hired as a favor by Rodney Salanfork, District Manager of  Yerrington Municipal Waste Disposal and Randey’s reluctant brother. He officially began his route on July 5, 2009 and spent an entire day at the first receptacle. “First, I put on my disposable latex gloves. Next I put on my bio-hazard suit with respirator. And then, I just went to town. (1,2,3…wooh)” said Salanfork. “Next, I emptied the trash can into the truck. I held my breath the whole time I was sooooo nervous. Next, next, next, I noticed not all the trash had fallen out of the bottom of the receptacle. So I got my cleanup kit and started cleaning the can….(1,2,3…wooh).” Salanfork then went into nauseating detail on how he scrubbed and polished and cleaned the filth and ‘taint’ out of the trash can until it shone in that evenings sunset. His trainer for the day, Bud Justbud, had to leave Salanfork behind so that he could finish the rest of the route on his own. “I felt bad leaving him there but he just seemed so happy with his mop and bucket and cleaning supplies and acids and I don’t even know what” said Justbud. Justbud later  stated that he had to repeat the process on day 2 on their 2nd route, Randey stayed at the first stop and cleaned until all the ‘taint’ was gone.”
Initially Randey loved his job but trouble struck when Randy realized he was not fitting in with the rest of the crew. “We started making fun of him. Often, by asking him if something had ‘taint’ on it.  We would say ‘Hey Randey, does this look like taint to you?’ and we would all laugh.” Randey stated, “I thought I was getting along with the rest of the crew at the district. But then (1,2,3…wooh)…I…(2,3…wo)…I found out that they were just teasing me.” Randey had discovered through an internet search on a computer with a meticulously clean keyboard that ‘taint’ was a double entendre.  This was a betrayal to Randey and he fell into a depression.  He pulled himself together to get to work each day but he had lost his enthusiasm. “We started feeling bad for Salad-fork so we tried to cheer him up but nothing worked.” Jusbud stated dismayed.
After completing his first full route, Randey announced his retirement. Salanfork soon fell into a deeper into sadness and secluded himself in a Lysol filled air tight bubble. “I can keep out all the germs in the world,” Salanfork mused, “but I can’t keep out all the hurting(…two…three…woe.)”

Most Languages I Speak are English

Op-Ed By: Consuelo The Orange (With help from Google Translate)
Halo! I am fluent in much speak of engles. You may speak and say, no. I say no. You not know from where I speak much engles. I study by read newsbooks and People magazine. Kardashian, JoLo, Tom Cruse and Holmes, you will agree? I know, ha, I know you thinking ‘no eschoola where I am from’ but I learn from eschoola de Ford Knox. While I make money with the cleaning I also listen with ear buddy to the news en engles.
You will think me too stupid to know what has been said but I learn new word from Quicklypedia: intonation. Ha you think the condecent is only on your mouth, but lips of the quivering lie in mouth with not a Beyonce and Jay-Z. You may not know what I say all times but with “intonation” I buy and cost the meaning from the shady.
So not all is same in breaking of new grounded words, Prince Charles and the skinny white girl. You have rich in the Nordstrom but I am have Queen Latifa in my own home. Much praise from my family and el jefe.