Four Meddling Teenagers Found Murdered

Abandoned Amusement Park, VT-The bodies of four meddling teens were found at an old amusement park in upstate Vermont. Police discovered a gruesome scene of animal cruelty and violence after an anonymous call. The tip lead investigators to a warehouse in the maintenance area of the abandoned Uncle Funny’s Amusement Park. The bodies were discovered hidden under a blue tarp. Some thick rimmed glasses and an ascot were found at the scene along with pieces of a brown and black Great Dane. The only clue to the identity of the victims was a filthy aqua green mural van located outside the warehouse. Police say the van reeked of pot and brand named dog snacks.

Forensic investigators said the bodies of the victims looked mauled by someone in an animal costume. Lab reports indicated through hair analysis that the costume may have been a Yeti or Sasquatch.

Some makeshift traps were found near the crime scene. Investigators were unsure if the suspect or the victims set the net with a tripwire and a pit covered with a large tarp. Police have made no arrests but have listed old man Jenkins and a former disgruntled janitor as persons of interest. More information will be released as investigators make it available.

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