Cheney Emerges, Sees Shadow, Promises 6 More Years of Iraq War

chenyWashington DC – Former Vice President Dick Cheney emerged from his underground bunker after publishing an Op-Ed column in the Wall Street Journal amid an excited crowd of elite onlookers.  Secret Service agents quickly surrounded him and escorted him safely to the ceremonial podium. For the last 9 years Americans have anxiously watched Cheney’s behavior to determine if he can actually see his shadow. Tradition holds that if the former Vice President sees his shadow war will continue in Iraq for 6 more years.

As the Secret Service parted to momentarily expose him to the public it was evident that the pasty white old man did infact see his shadow. In fact, for the last 8 years the warmongering profiteer has seen a shadow or a resemblance of a shadow on the ground near his feet. Many of the corporate elite in attendance cheered and wept with excitement. Some dried their tears on $100 bills while others homoerotically hugged and pressed their hips together. The former Vice President then thanked the crowd for coming and popped a bottle of champagne. He raised his glass and said, “Here’s to another 100,000 or so innocent civilian deaths.” The crowd applauded and then quickly dispersed into their black SUVs and limousines for the traditional old people flesh orgy.

The former Vice President then quickly shapeshifted into his true reptilian form and slithered under a rock.

McDonald’s Introducing New ‘Point and Grunt’ Menu

Des Planes, IL – The world’s largest purveyor of fine processed foods has recently patented a new technique that may turn the fast food industry in its head. The patent solidifies McDonald’s commitment to cater to the lowest common denominator of clientele by removing the necessity of forming any recognizable syllable. Craig McCraigerson of McDonald’s technical response department admitted, “Many of our most loyal customers find proper pronunciation in any language a severe determent from visiting our locations a least 6 times a week. Often times our hard pressed staff is left grasping at straws trying to comprehend the constant raping of proper language. So we have patented a new ordering system that only requires a series of guttural grunts in order to communicate delicious menu choices to our well trained employees.”

McdonaldsMcDonald’s changed the industry in the past by offering a number selection menu where customers could order well over 3200 calories of processed farm remnants with just a single number or phrase in almost any common language. As the clientele of McDonald’s evolved it has become increasing difficult to force customers into uttering complete syllables like ‘one’ or ‘two’. The new system proposes a series of grunts and heavy breathing to communicate an order to the low paid customer service representative.

McCraigerson also stated, “While we understand our customers burn tremendous calories transporting their rotund physique to our stores, we do not wish any unnecessary waste of life giving caloric energy. We no longer force our patrons to expend effort with an abstract and archaic language when a series of grunts and wheezes could just as easily suit the job.”

In the newly proposed system a Number 1 Super Value Meal is now “ungh” or a grunt. A Number 2 Meal is now an “ungh, unugggghuh,” or a ‘grunt wheeze’ according to industry experts.

Cameras will be deployed at drive through locations in order to process the point and grunt technique so that the accuracy of patron’s orders will be properly addressed. The cameras will allow fat sausage finger gestures to accompany vocal cues for inarticulate consumers. “Any technology that allows me to avoid customer contact is fine with me,” stated 3 month retail veteran Miles Davis, “It will make our job much easier and I think the customers will be happier.”

The new procedures of ordering at fast food restaurants are not without critics. Prof. Theodore Uptightly expressed disgust for the new system stating, “The end of true language is at hand. The inability of the vulgar people to express even the most basic of human necessities is further reason to begin serving pure swill to anyone who cannot accurately describe what they want.” Some have called Uptightly’s comments as ‘rude and ignant’ (sic). In either case McDonald’s cannot be criticized for knowing its customer base and catering to the lowest rung of filthy human waste.

McDonalds has rolled out the new point and grunt menu system to select stores in the Mid-West, the Deep South, and San Francisco.

Michelle Obama-“Gastric Bypass for Infants to Nip Obesity in the Bud”

Mrs. Obama and the Surgeon General are ready to battle obesity.

Mrs. Obama and the Surgeon General are ready to battle obesity.

Washington, D.C. – In the wake of the chilling success of Obamacare, Michelle Obama has released details for a new program to help prevent childhood and adult obesity. At a news conference held in the wood shed behind the Washington Monument, the First Lady spoke on the issue of obesity. “We live in unprecedented times. The next few generations will have shorter and unhealthier lives because the average American is unable to control their fat fingers from pressing high calorie chicken nuggets into our ever-widening mouths.” Mrs. Obama said with the passion of a fat hating shrew. “Exercise? Forget about it. You ass hats can’t even be bothered to stand up from the couch and change the channel when the remote control is so far wedged between your fat rolls you can’t reach it.” Michelle was pumping 2 ten pound weights in each arm as she continued berating the massive American masses.

The president’s wife then introduced Surgeon General Rear Admiral Boris D. Lushniak, M.D., M.P.H, to further explain the new plan. He stated, “According to recent studies, childhood obesity is the leading cause of adult obesity. I can now say it is scientifically proven that once you go fat, you never go back. This epidemic will cause both medical and economic hardships for years to come because you fat lazy people can’t be bothered do a few sit-ups in the morning.” The Surgeon General ripped off his shirt revealing a sexy torso of smoothly oiled muscles. He then jumped off the podium and shouted profanities at a reporter who was slurping down a mammoth Big Gulp and cream filled donut in the front row. When he was pulled back on the stage he continued, “I may be a surgeon but, I am also a general. That gives me the power and the will to stop the rising tide of sweaty fat flesh that threatens my country. From now on, all infants and children will receive a mandatory gastric bypass operation. The operation will be performed by qualified medical students who need the practice or doctors where available.”

As questions and murmurs about the safety and feasibility of the program arose from the crowd, Michelle Obama pushed the ‘totally hot’ Dr. Lushniak out of the way and shouted, “You blubbery crap factories are going to have the fat cut right out of you and your children!” The Secret Service then moved Mrs. Obama to an undisclosed secure location due to the violent reaction from a nearby mob of Walmart Fat Scooter bound constituents. Further program details will soon be available on the Surgeon Generals website.

Christians Riot at ‘Son of God’ Premiere

Hollywood, CA-Police responded in full tactical gear as evangelical Christians began to threaten the stars of the blockbuster ‘Son of God.’ During a protest of the movie, violence erupted and spread into the street where several limousines were smashed and torched. An estimated 20 to 30 storefronts were looted and burned. The riot started as a peaceful protest by multiple evangelical Christian groups that felt that the ‘Son of God’ movie painted the Christ in a negative light. Preacher and used car salesman Jeremiah Smithson stated, “Our Holy Prophet depicted in this blasphemous film is wholly inaccurate and wicked. The Jesus in this movie repeatedly displays signs of horrific compassion, disgusting love, and terrible kindness. This is not my Jesus.” As tempers flared in the crowd, one member of the church group, the Judgmental Self-righteous, threw a rock onto the red carpet. He shouted “Death to the infidels!”


“More Accurate” portrayal of Jesus according to protesters.

As police moved in protesters clashed and initially pushed law enforcement back shouting “Jesus ‘loves’ you”, but used sarcastic quotation fingers when they said the word love. During an opening speech at the protest Clarence Touchingboy, a self-proclaimed pastor in his church stated, “While this movie is supposedly ‘historically accurate’ there are obvious omissions to try to humanize our lord. Where are the scenes of Christ berating homosexuals, protesting soldier’s funerals, shaming single mothers, and blowing up abortion clinics? That’s my Jesus. I want my Jesus with the flaming red eyes of hate and fangs. Not this watered down cartoon character.”

Riot police reinforcements were called in and the crowd dispersed at around 11pm. An estimated $7 million dollars in damages was left smoldering in the streets. The ‘Son of God’ movie pulled in $26.4 million dollars, a close second to Liam Neeson’s ‘Non-Stop’. Proving once again that Liam Neeson is greater that Jesus.

Keebler Elves Stage Walkout over Dangerous Working Conditions, Better Pay

Columbus, Georgia-The Keebler Cookie Manufacturing facility at 1 Hollow Tree has been temporarily shut down due to a labor dispute and walkout by the 12,000 elf employees. The teensy weensy protest started peacefully outside the company’s largest plant but soon erupted into cute little violent outbursts let by labor leaders, Zoot and J.J. Factory manager Ernest J. Keebler declined to comment on the protest but stated that he is working with union leaders to resolve the dispute. Zoot leader of the Keebler keeblerPizzeria Workers local #112 spoke out about the loss of Elvin life, “We have been placed under constant pressures for increased production and profit by Keebler’s parent company, Keebler Chemical Weapons Corporation. Our tiny wittle fingers are working as hard as they can but the insatiable humans demand more of our high caloric processed food.”

According to local miniscule police, the protest started at 8am with a walkout of all factory elves. The violence erupted after a harrowing speech by Fryer Tuck. He stated, “When we created Munch-ums in the early ’80’s, profits for the company soared. But, our pay has continued to stagnate and our health care benefits and access to magical healing elixirs have been cut in half. We shall not stand for this.” Parts of the Columbus Hollow Tree facility, were burned when 2 thimbles full of kerosene and a pop cap were thrown. Then thumb sized effigies of Ernest J. Keebler, Ma Keebler, and Former VP Dick Cheney were burned and tossed at the factory entrance.

So far no arrests with teeny little handcuff have been made and the tiny union reps insist that all the worker will remain united and on strike until their demands are met.